User Accounts

Cassini distribution images contain the following user accounts:

  • root with administrative privileges enabled by default. The login is disabled if cassini-security is included in DISTRO_FEATURES.


    When cassini-test distro feature is enabled then root login is enabled. Currently, running inline tests in LAVA require login as root to run transfer-overlay commands.

  • cassini with administrative privileges enabled with sudo.

  • user without administrative privileges.

  • test with administrative privileges enabled with sudo. This account is created only if cassini-test is included in DISTRO_FEATURES.

By default, each users account has disabled password. The default administrative group name is sudo. Other sudoers configuration is included in meta-cassini-distro/recipes-extended/sudo/files/

If cassini-security is included in DISTRO_FEATURES, each user is prompted to a set new password on first login. For more information about security see: security hardening.

All Run-Time Integration Tests are executed as the test user.

A Cassini distribution image can be configured to include run-time integration tests that validate successful configuration of the Cassini user accounts. Details of the user accounts validation tests can be found in the User Accounts Tests section of the Validation documentation.