Code Quality

The CI/CD pipeline uses GitLab’s Code Quality feature to perform static analysis of code, scripts, and documentation.


The source and binaries of individual plugins are available to be used by the project, some are provided from the code climate repository.


  • structure:

    Checks the structure of the code.

  • duplication:

    Checks for duplication in the code.

  • cspell:

    Runs the cspell spelling checker over files in a project.

  • inclusivity:

    Checks for any potential non-inclusive terminology used in the project. As non-inclusive terminology is highly nuanced and context-dependent, the check simply highlights potential terminology to the user so that consideration can be made if an alternative language would be more appropriate.

  • oelint-adv:

    This plugin runs an opinionated linter (see oelint-adv) over bitbake recipes and checks them for conformance to the OpenEmbedded style guide.

  • shell-check:

    Gives warnings and suggestions for bash/sh shell scripts.

  • pep8:

    Pep8 provides feedback on Python code style following the rules outlined in the PEP 8 style guide.

  • sonarpython:

    Sonar static code analysis helps you build secure, maintainable, and high-quality Python software. Covering popular build systems, standards, and versions, ensuring security vulnerabilities are addressed at early stages of development.

  • fixme:

    The fixme engine performs a case-sensitive search on the repository (see fixme).

  • yamllint:

    Validates the structure and syntax of yaml/yml files.