Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Device Tester (IDT)

AWS IoT Device Tester (IDT) is a downloadable testing framework that helps us validate IoT devices, see AWS IoT Device Tester for Greengrass V2.

The IDT is installed with tools and configured in a Docker container image with required credentials of AWS account for testing Greengrass on a device.

These credentials are required by aws-cli to perform necessary setup for Device Under Test (DUT) and needs to be configured as GitLab variables to be used by GitLab pipelines:




The Docker container provisions the Device to work with AWS and IDT and generates a config file, which is used on the DUT to restart the Greengrass service. Then IDT runs the configured required tests and uploads to artifactory (optional).



A brief overview of IDT setup and running it on Cassini GitLab CI/CD.

The IoT Device Tester is setup as follows:

  • IDT Setup :

    The should be executed manually once to setup the project to use IoT Device Tester with AWS. It creates the required AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role, Internet of Things (IoT) Token exchange role, IoT role alias, IoT Thing Group and policies for IDT. The following parameters needs to be configured:

    • GG_HOME : Home directory of Greengrass service

    • IDT_ROLE : IAM role

    • IDT_ROLE_POLICY : IAM role policy

    • IDT_ROLE_SESSION_DURATION : IAM role session timeout duration

    • IOT_TE_ROLE : IoT Token exchange role

    • IOT_TE_ROLE_POLICY : IoT Token exchange policy

    • IOT_TE_ROLE_ALIAS : IoT Token exchange role alias

    • IOT_TE_ROLE_POLICY_ALIAS : IoT Token exchange policy alias

    • IOT_THING_POLICY : IoT thing policy

    • IOT_THING_GROUP : IoT thing group

    • AWS_BOUNDARY_POLICY : Boundary policy for IAM or IoT role (optional).

The IoT Device Tester is run in LAVA with the following steps:

  • Provision DUT:

    This step is executed on IDT Docker container image for every DUT with unique IOT_THING_NAME and certificates to work with AWS for IDT. Further, these parameters needs to be configured as GitLab variables to be used by GitLab pipelines when setup was performed:

    • GG_HOME





    The generated configuration is then transferred to DUT and the Greengrass service is restarted with folder permissions set.

  • Configure IDT for DUT:

    This step is used to configure IDT installed on Docker container image with details of DUT and require the following:

    • THING_IP : IP address of DUT

    • TARGET_MACHINE : Machine name of DUT

    • TARGET_PORT : Port number to be used (default 22)

  • Assume role and run IDT:

    After performing, provisioning and configuring IDT. The following parameters are required to run the tests:

    • TEST_SESSION_NAME : Test session name (optional, see)

    • TEST_TIMEOUT_MULTIPLIER : Set to extend the default timeout for tests

This step will attempt to assume IDT_ROLE before running the IDT test suite. If this fails, the test suite will run with the permissions granted to the AWS user. These parameters needs to be configured as GitLab variables to be used by GitLab pipelines:



  • Cleanup:

    This is used to perform cleanup of IOT_THING_NAME which represents the DUT name effectively when IDT tests have completed on CI/CD.